About the project:

The goal of this project was to present the services provided by the Brilliant Studio, in careful agreement and listening to our client, we got into action with the work, the first steps we took were what kind of design the client wanted us with a couple of proposals and examples, the agreement with the client was easy. The client wanted his website to be simple, minimal with as short as possible a description of the services and examples of what he does, he wanted that when the visitor comes to the website, the first impression should be extremely important so that the visitor to the site continues to research, and we achieved that. We matched the design of the website with the colors used by the studio itself, so that the client paid us a tribute to our design skills, one of the very important items for our client was to make the website as visible as possible in Google search, which we did. We have a contact form where clients can make appointments or get any kind of information.We were honored to be able to fulfill all the wishes of our client and at the same time complete another successful project in a series.

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