About the project:

In this project, we had the task of displaying all the items on one page, the client wanted everything from the site to be transparent without a lot of clicking and visitors walking when they come, the site is actually a type of presentation or blog that aims to present who what is it, what does it do, what can it expect, and of course we did it with a simple and elegant design in which we worked with white and black colors, the client expressed his wish that he wanted the practice menu without being on the top, but on the left side so that the visitor can have access to everything at any time. We also made a contact form there, with location and SEO optimization in the place where the salon is located. The client was very satisfied with our work and left us the freedom of imagination when we prepared the entire site from texts, images, space, and overall design. With this, we have completed another successful project in a series, because a happy client is a satisfied client.

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