About the project:

One of my very important and significant projects was to create a website for the city water supply company  that will contain all the necessary information for service users as well as the presentation of all the necessary information that is of public importance. In cooperation with the people from the city waterworks, we completed the site within the scheduled period, which had a deadline for installation, later we did a complete redesign and took care of the interface to adapt it to the maximum for users who need all the information 24/7. This kind of project was a real challenge because we had to study the very material of the site and come up with a unique design in order to achieve the goal that was asked of us. After the completed project, the general director of this company was more than satisfied, I was honored to be able to work on such a project. I stayed in regular contact with the maintenance of this website, on which I still work today, from updates to changes that are needed on a weekly basis. Another successful project in a row, so all I can say is that every completed project is just one more experience and meeting new people.

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